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Success Inspired - Vit Müller EPISODE 29, 7th November 2020
The Principles of Balanced Leadership with Rocky Romanella

The Principles of Balanced Leadership with Rocky Romanella

My guest today is a motivational business keynote speaker, published author, CEO and respected business leader willing to take risks and new challenges. 

He has more than 40 years of executive level experience in national and global transportation, industrial engineering, inside operations and supply chain management at UPS where he serves as a president of various divisions. 

We talk about entrepreneurial spirit, work ethics and balanced leadership.

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Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership, Rocky uses over forty years of experience in supply chain, logistics and transportation, retail, sales and operational management at UPS, and in his CEO and Director roles at a company he worked at after his UPS days, to explore the ways a true leader can add value as a trusted advisor, mentor, and visionary who uses a process approach to lead the organization and its people to new levels of success.

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  • (00:00:16) - Introduction of my guest today
  • (00:01:42) - Rocky's quick introduction about his career at UPS
  • (00:04:27) - Dealing with retirement, leaving legacy and having a purpose
  • (00:07:28) - What would I want people to remember about me at the end of my career
  • (00:14:39) - Balanced leadership approach
  • (00:20:00) - When you take it too far, your strength becomes your weakness.
  • (00:21:52) - Difference between micromanaging & training your staff
  • (00:29:30) - How to motivate your team - praise in public and discipline in private
  • (00:34:49) - Rocky's entrepreneurial journey after UPS career
  • (00:39:29) - Experience driven management consulting - example of 360 Management
  • (00:47:00) - Understanding of both the top exec decisions as well as the technical day to day requirements.
  • (00:56:18) - Rocky's journey to becoming a public speaker
  • (00:58:28) - Who is Joe Scaffone? Rocky's alter ego persona and purpose to get more ideas out of people
  • (01:00:18) - About the Book Tighten the lug nuts
  • (01:02:42) - What does Rocky do to keep fit & healthy?
  • (01:05:52) - How to get in touch with Rocky

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