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258. Celebrity Fitness Trainer Ben Bruno on Building a Sustainable Routine for Long-Term Success
Episode 2585th July 2023 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Today's guest is my friend and celebrity fitness trainer, Ben Bruno. He works with an extremely wide range of clients from professional athletes and musicians to actors and models such as Justin Timberlake, Kate Upton, and Chelsea Handler. He even works with his mom and he's been known for his weight training routines for years.

He also offers a six week program through his website for people who can't train with him in person in Los Angeles, and he demonstrates workouts on his Instagram where he has over 288,000 followers. When he is not working with clients, he's consulting with several professional sports organizations, lecturing trainers internationally, writing for publications like Men's and Women's Health, and appearing on the Today Show.

In this conversation Ben shares his inspiring journey from a debilitating back injury to finding his passion for training and beginning his career at one of the top gyms in the nation. He shares his recipe for an effective workout backed by top athletes, tips for staying motivated, and how to achieve lasting, sustainable results. It's a pleasure to welcome my friend, Ben Bruno to the show.

We also cover…

00:01:00 — From Chronic Pain to Career Success: Ben's Journey of Recovery & Transformation

• Ben’s personal story overcoming a chronic back injury 

• How weight training in physical therapy helped Ben recover mentally and physically

• How Ben made his way to personal training

• How Ben ended up working under nationally recognized trainer, Mike Boyle

00:24:00 — Empowering Mental Health through Training

• How training supported Ben in his mental health journey

• Lessons learned from having a lot of anger & rebelling as a young man

• Tips for staying motivated 

• How often you should be training

• Most effective type of workout and Ben’s preferred programming

• Detriment of overtraining

00:41:00 — Ben's Training Philosophies, Favorite Exercises & At Home 6-Week Program

• Ben’s training philosophies for a good workout 

• Benefits of isolation and compound movements

• Ben’s favorite exercises for optimal results

• Ben’s 6 week program you can do at home

• What’s wrong with “entertrainment” style training


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• 6 Week Program: 

• Instagram: @benbrunotraining

• YouTube: Ben Bruno Training

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