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Unofficial partner talk to Arron Shepherd, co-founder of The Goat Agency
9th January 2020 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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This week our friends at Unofficial Partner talked to Arron Shepherd, the co-founder of The Goat Agency, the influencer marketing agency at the company’s headquarters on Finsbury Square in London. In 2015 Arron launched Sportlobster, a niche football social platform that used Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador. This experience shaped his approach to what he’s doing now, and how he looks at the whole idea of influencer marketing. We talk about the resistance to influencers from the traditional media and advertising agencies, and why they’ve missed the boat on a sector that some observers suggest will be worth $15billion by 2022. If you like the Unofficial Partner podcast, please tell other people or even write a nice review on Apple Podcasts or whatever platform you use to listen.a



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