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The Mix Bag Podcast Ep 231
Episode 23113th January 2023 • The Mix Bag Podcast • DJ MIDIMACK
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"Do you need a non-stop music mix to get you through your day/week/workout/commute? Do you appreciate fresh new House Music from Around the World? Do you enjoy a variety of styles, flavors, and one-of-a-kind edits/remixes? Press play and enjoy!" - DJ MIDIMACK

The Mix Bag Podcast Ep 231 Playlist:

  1. Feeling Alright by Paco Caniza (France)
  2. Link in Your Chain by DJ Mark Brickman (US)
  3. Get Ya by NOONE (?)/Maffa (Spain)
  4. Groovin To The Beat by Sweetpower (Hungary)/Dirtydisco (Hungary)/Adam Nova (Switzerland)
  5. Mr. Bongo by Mr. V (US)
  6. Play by N-You-Up (France)/LATASHA (US)
  7. Paso de Tu Cu by Jason Rivas (Spain)/Elsa Del Mar (?)/Fashion Vampires From Louisiana (US)
  8. Whats Going On by Andy Bach (Germany)
  9. All I Need (Is Believe) by Milk & Sugar (Germany) feat. Lurine Cato
  10. Make Your Body Rock by Da Funk Junkies (UK)
  11. Happy People by Raffaele Ciavolino (Italy)
  12. Heat by Aidan Bega (Australia)
  13. If You Believe by Gangs of Naples (Italy)
  14. There's A Ghost In My Synthesizer by Philippa (New Zealand/Germany)
  15. Disco Numberwang by Jean Aubergine (?)
  16. Keep Tryin' by Paul Parsons (London)
  17. I'm Losing Control by Da Funk Junkies (UK)
  18. Funky Music by Milk & Sugar (Germany)
  19. Chouse by FDF (Italy)
  20. A Lot To Lose by DJ MIDIMACK (US)
  21. Someday by Nolan (UK)/Rachel Adedeji (London)
  22. Andale by Pato's Groove (Italy)
  23. A Little Bit Crazy by Mattei & Omich (Italy)/Elisabeth Yorke-Bolognini (London/Italy)
  24. Somewhere Special by OFFIAH (US)
  25. App Time by Oded Nir (The Netherlands)
  26. Get Down by Kenny Bizzaro (Italy)
  27. Jack 1976 by Kenny Bizzaro (Italy)
  28. Macao by Pato's Groove (Italy)
  29. Party Diva by Deeper Purpose (London)
  30. Get Up by Global Deejays (US/The Netherlands/Austria) feat Technotronic
  31. The Sound of San Francisco by Global Deejays (US/The Netherlands/Austria)

Thank you for listening!