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Why are Republicans Eating Their Young?
Episode 1218th October 2023 • Black White and Blue in the South • Dr. Jumelle Brooks and Bill Kimler
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Opening (0:27)

  • Trump in new attack says GOP ‘eat their young’ (The Hill)

On the Campaign Trail (04:25)

The News

Israel Attacked by Hamas (09:52)

  • Letter from coworker in Israel (Bill's personal FB page)
  • Hamas videos spread across some social media apps (NBC News)
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Of South Carolina Tells ‘Squad’ Members To ‘Shut The Hell Up’ (Tampa Free Press)
  • Israel, White House condemn Trump for remarks about Hamas attack, 'smart' Hezbollah (Reuters)

Jim Jordan's Past Comes Back to Haunt Him as Ohio State Wrestlers Speak Out (19:44)

  • Newsweek
  • Republican's (Nancy Mace's) claim about Jim Jordan stuns Jake Tapper (CNN)

And Tango Makes Three (23:15)

  • Clip of Bill talking about a children's penguin book (YouTube)
  • Wikipedia article about "And Tango Makes Three"
  • "Moms for Liberty" group demands schools ban books with "sexy" pictures of seahorses (Salon)

States with the Most Underprivileged Children (2023) (35:35)

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