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Your 9 Part Plan: Grow Your Salon Without Losing Freedom & Sanity
Episode 31819th January 2023 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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The path to Salon success is not a straight one.  Take it from me. Business is not a one-size fits all approach. Nobody gives you a handbook on how to grow your Salon overnight.  This means Salon Owners often end up winging it on their journey to success…throwing sh*t at the wall and seeing what sticks. But when it comes to having confidence that the things you spend time on will work…and not wasting time implementing things that don’t move the business forward… WINGING it can be a mistake. Who’s guilty?  I know I have been from time to time! But if you keep doing this, it could be detrimental to your success… Because you’ve reached a point where you’re desperately trying to grow, to increase sales, attract new team members, increase new client rates, and grow profit…  But you’ve flatlined… or worse… maybe even dipped down. You’re working longer hours than ever but not seeing any results. So instead, what you need is a proven plan to guide you in the right direction. To plan what your next move will be so you can grow your business successfully… without all the road bumps.  So, in this episode, I share a sneak peek into my 9-part proven plan that every Salon Owner needs to nail in order to run a high-functioning, profitable and successful salon. There is so much to share so let’s press play and uncover strategies you didn’t know you were missing….

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Get an exclusive sneak peek at my proven 9-Part plan for Salon Success
  2. Learn what every Salon owner needs to focus on in order to become profitable 
  3. Discover how to have confidence in what you need to work on, and what to do to grow. 

9 Part Plan

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