Reporting on Law
Episode 1130th December 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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How do you report on controversial law topics while remaining impartial for your audience?

On the Blackletter podcast this week, host Tom Dunlap sits down with Jeremy Conrad, writer for the Washington DC Bar Journal. As a former practicing lawyer and now a full-time committed journalist in the field of law, Jeremy has a unique perspective on the topics he reports on. He explains what it is like being able to take a step back to report on situations that once would have affected him in his previous profession. Jeremy also dives into the complexity of producing content about controversial law topics without excluding parts of his audience.

Tune in to this episode of the Black Letter Podcast to hear Jeremy discuss his experiences reporting on hard-hitting legal topics and his advice for aspiring legal journalists. And catch up on previous podcast episodes available on the Blackletter website!