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Award-Winning Author Ann Charles is Taking Us All to Deadwood!
Episode 18010th January 2023 • Excelsior Journeys • George Sirois
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This week on the Excelsior Journeys podcast, host and producer George Sirois sits down for a long overdue conversation with multi-award-winning author Ann Charles. Ann and George met while part of a Blog Tour de Force event hosted by the Indie Book Collective in January 2011, and both were introduced to each other's writing by reading & reviewing Excelsior and Nearly Departed in Deadwood, the first of Ann's Deadwood Mysteries series. Over ten years later, with the release of Ann's fourth book in her prequel Deadwood Undertaker series, the two have finally met face-to-face so Ann can share her own journey that led her to be one of the most prolific independent authors today.

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