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Healthy Eating for Busy Lifestyles with Zehra Allibhai
Episode 4517th May 2023 • Cast of Creators • Hvr Browser
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Zehra Allibhai is a Fitness Coach, Kinesiologist, and owner of TheFitNest – an online space for women and families to connect and share ideas and inspiration on how to live the healthiest life possible.

Zehra has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, and her true passion lies in helping women feel strong and confident in their own skin. She saw an opportunity to introduce more flavor into the fitness industry (rather than just counting calories) with her healthy recipes that allow working moms and others with busy schedules to incorporate her meal ideas into their active lifestyles. 

TheFitNest has an online shop, fitness challenges, and in-depth blog articles in what is a wonderful expression of Zehra's relatable passion for wellness, community, motherhood, and more. 

Combining food and fitness in the right way is what this mouthwatering episode of Cast of Creators is all about. No need to count your calories here – Nelson, Casie, and Zehra will leave you salivating for healthy foods that you can integrate into your meal routine and fitness regime. 

(on her new book)  "It's called Bismillah – Let's Eat. It's something that we say all the time, and as Muslims, you say Bismillah before you kinda start anything. It's like, 'I begin in the name of God,' and it's something I grew up doing, and it's something I do with my kids and my family. Anything you do, doing it with intention." ~ Zehra Allibhai 

In This Episode:

- Zehra shares her passion for cooking – and her new book (Bismillah - Let's Eat)!

- Appreciating East African food

- Do Zehra's fitness clients become foodies thanks to her? 

- The value of fitness transformation

- Zehra's family background and becoming a kinesiologist

- Understanding a fitness client's 'Why?'

- Skipping! So great!

- What's the most amount of weight Zehra has ever helped a client lose?

- Recipe testing ahead of Zehra's book being published!

And so much more!

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