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Trailer10th August 2023 • Asians Breaking Ceilings • Jeanny Chai
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Who this podcast if for and why you should listen.

Multi-cultural female professionals who want to:

  • ignite your confidence
  • overcome imposter syndrome
  • break that career ceiling

Learn how to decide, create, and ask for what you want in your career without apology or guilt.

Whether you are looking to get promoted, searching for your next perfect role, or thinking about starting your side hustle, this podcast will give you strategies to increase your confidence and start living your leadership potential.

Authentic success, without the stress!

Who is Jeanny Chai? Founder, coach & speaker, Jeanny Chai helps Asian American professionals find their worth from within and “Live Their Leadership Potential” by reframing the cultural priorities that have been given to us. She believes that breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling is an internal quest and only by thinking differently that we can create a new norm. She has been invited to speak at companies including Salesforce, Amazon, Netflix, Oracle, KPMG, HP and has been featured in Fortune Magazine, USA Today, and ABC News.

Drawing from powerful personal experiences that include “shaming” her family by not attending medical school after graduating from Stanford, raising four children and becoming known as a successful business development professional in Silicon Valley, Jeanny has devoted herself to helping Asian Americans find their confidence from within.

It took Jeanny 3 breast cancer tumors and a divorce to come into the realization of how she could flourish, and she is dedicated to saving other women the pain of having to go through great adversity to reach the point of personal transformation.

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