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Love Your Story - Lori Lee 29th May 2019
Episode 141 Healing Body and Mind: Interview Amanda Grow – Part 2
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Episode 141 Healing Body and Mind: Interview Amanda Grow – Part 2

Episode 140 Healing Body and Mind:

Interview Amanda Grow – Part 2

Welcome to the rest of Amanda Grow’s story.

Did you know that the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world? Because severe childbirth complications have become very rare, it is easy to forget that childbirth can be life threatening. Amanda Grow, a wife and mother of 4 children – 1 daughter and 3 sons, experienced an extremely rare complication of childbirth known as Amniotic Fluid Embolism which has a mortality rate of 80%. Last week you heard about her rapid blood transfusion that nearly drained the hospitals blood supply and left her in a medically induced coma for a week.

This week we’ll get more of her story and talk about the importance of healing.

Amanda’s story today isn’t just about a miracle and the healing of her body. It’s also about the toll such an event takes on us mentally as well as physically, and today we’re looking at the total process of finding meaning in brokenness and the process of rebuilding.

Amanda is the owner of Strategic ACT Prep, a business she built over 10 years that helps high school students prepare for standardized tests. At the time of her medical crisis, she had 12 employees and three locations. The crisis necessitate major life changes as it took many months to regain mental and physical functioning. She and her business partner summoned the courage to shut down all 3 locations and let all the employees go. In the aftermath of the crisi, Amanda has also experienced mental health challenges characterisctic to Post Intensive Care Syndrome, situational drpession, and post traumatic stress. She has also struggled through a deep identity crisis as she no longer has the energy to the “do it all” mo, business owner and community member she once was Amanda has a bachelors degree from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree from the Univesity of Utah. She and her husband now serve on the Patient and Family Advisory Council for Intermountain Medical Center.

In this two-part series we are talking about recovering from accidents, loss, death. Sometimes we may gloss over the real process of climbing out of those dark holes that take us to the brink of strength. Mental and emotional recovery can be significantly harder than a physical recovery. It can be a long road to becoming whole and even then we will most certainly not be the same. Sometimes what must be grieved is the loss of who we were before. This is all a normal part of growth and life. It’s worth the two episodes to get the whole story and to learn about giving ourselves space to heal.

Tune into the audio program for the rest of the interview with Amanda.

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Your challenge for this week – the same as last week (while we’re on the topic)  is to think about your own journey. Is there a space where you have expected yourself to bounce back more quickly, or expected someone else to bounce back and get back to normal without a sensitivity to the length and depth of the process. Consider what this looks like in your circles and see if there isn’t a place where you need to check in, allow, and nurture, yourself or another.

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