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Ep 69 - Improve Your Immunity by Habit Stacking and So Much More
Episode 6925th October 2023 • The Menopause and Cancer Podcast • Dani Binnington
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A suppressed immune system is a common worry for many cancer survivors, especially when you throw menopause into the mix. Today’s guest will share some fantastic tips and tricks with you on boosting your immunity. But before we do so we will also talk about how you can support your detoxification process - another common worry, especially for those who had chemotherapy, general anaesthetics and other drugs. 

I am delighted to welcome Farzanah Nasser, a nutritional therapist onto the podcast. Farzanah helps women who struggle with auto-immune, gut and hormonal imbalances and she will explain to us:

  • How you can support your detoxification process
  • How can habit stacking help you stay on track?
  • How can you boost your immunity?
  • What are plant points?
  • Take part in her super easy “3 new ingredients a week” challenge 
  • How you can super hack pretty much all of your staple meals 
  • Is apple cider vinegar as good as people make it sound?

I’ve personally taken away so many fantastic tips which I am going to implement straight away! 

This is a pen-and-paper type episode! I hope you enjoy it! And now go and super hack your immunity!

You can find Farzanah here and here on her helpful Instagram account.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:52] Good detox starts with regular bowel movements. Drinking enough water, consuming fibre-rich foods like kiwi fruit, staying hydrated, and staying active all support healthy digestion and toxin elimination.
  • [06:39] Support the liver with clean, whole foods. Avoid processed foods. Include asparagus, artichoke, berries, and watercress.
  • [10:30] Establishing achievable routines leads to better well-being.
  • [15:13] Boost the immune system by protecting gut health effectively.
  • [19:15] Habit stacking leads to better food choices.
  • [22:49] Pasteurised eliminates bacteria; buy fermented, refrigerated foods.
  • [25:26] Keep miso in the fridge as it helps the immune system.
  • [27:15] Outdoor activities and good sleep boost the immune system.
  • [32:09] Consider incorporating a diverse "veg box" monthly for improved gut health and immune system support.
  • [36:03] Differentiating turmeric in a diet vs. supplement.
  • [39:50] Including dried Shiitake mushrooms in your diet in various ways.
  • [42:44] Mindful eating promotes relaxation and digestion.
  • [47:27] Strategies for healthy habits and rebuilding health.

About Dani:

The Menopause and Cancer Podcast is hosted by Dani Binnington, menopause guide, patients advocate for people in menopause after a cancer diagnosis, and founder of the online platform Healthy Whole Me. 

There is lots of information out there about the menopause but hardly any if you have had a cancer diagnosis as well. Many people say to me they have no idea what their options are, who to ask for help, and that they feel really isolated in their experiences. 

I started this podcast because there was nothing out there when I was thrown into surgical menopause at the age of 39, which followed on from my cancer diagnosis aged 33.

Through the episodes, I want to create more awareness, share information from our fabulous guest experts, doctors and other specialists in the cancer and menopause field. 

And of course, I will share stories from the people in our community.

So that together we can work towards a better menopause experience. For all of us.

More educated, better informed and less alone.

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