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S4 EP139: Hannah Grace Taylor: Two Freebirths/4 Hour Third Stage/Water Birth + Land Birth
Episode 1398th December 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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In today's episode, we are joined by Hannah, tuning in all the way from the US, as she shares her two unique birthing experiences. 

Choosing the path of motherhood was a spontaneous decision that immersed Hannah in the journey of pregnancy, evoking a deep appreciation for the miracle of growing life within. Hannah's deep desire for a healing journey to redefine her family's lineage gained clarity when she witnessed women in circle sharing their empowering birth stories. Inspired, she made the intentional choice to birth at home where she would be undisturbed.

As labour unfolded, Hannah embraced intuitive movement and sound, creating a birthing rhythm with her son - a practice she holds dear as a potent and healing tool. From the anticipation of watching her partner fill the outdoor tub sitting on the hillside of their property to the serene moment of raising her son into his new world, she walks us through the intricate details of her transformation from maiden to mother.

Taking a thoughtful pause between births for personal growth and nourishment, Hannah approached her second pregnancy with a seasoned perspective. At 38 weeks, sensing the subtle signs of surges, she initially shrugged them off, presuming they would subside.Despite denial, she wisely adjusted her plans, including canceling a mother's blessing the next day. This decision proved serendipitous, as she welcomed her second son at the magical hour of 2:22 pm on the very same day.

Join us as Hannah reflects on the contrasting experiences of her two births, guiding us through the nuanced= details that shaper her story, and unveils the intriguing thread connecting her journey to the presence of hawks.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @webofgrace

Support: @adelaidemeadow_ @__sheaz

Books: Unhindered Childbirth by Sarah M Haydock

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