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The Coronavirus: How Christians Should Deal with Pandemic Panic
15th March 2020 • Thriving on Purpose Podcast • Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard
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The Coronavirus: A Reasoned Response




In the wake of the coronavirus, the reactions have been varied by believers. From those who treat it like business as usual to those who give way to media-induced panic, to those who preach this is God’s judgment on a wicked humanity.


Amidst the full spectrum of emotions and reactions, how should Kingdom citizens react? Or better yet, how should they conduct themselves?


This episode serves as a much-needed guide to our listeners as to how to navigate this new threat to our health, families, and liberties - and how to keep God on His throne as you do.


In this episode you will:


-Learn how to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies


-Learn how to not give in to media-induced fear


-Get great tips on what to buy for preparedness and why


-Be encouraged and strengthened in the midst of this present crisis



Memorable Quotes:


“I’m not scared of the coronavirus, I’m scared of people’s reactions to it.”


“People in a panic become very unpredictable.”


“What opportunity will come from this crisis?”


“A scared world needs a fearless church.” - A.W. Tozer


“If you’re scared, you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”


“Sound decisions in times of crisis are often counter-intuitive.”


“The New World Order agents are testing us through this crisis to see how we’ll react, and so far we’re failing the test.”





“When a crisis hits we fall to our knees harder than usual.”



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