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Interview with Storyteller, Dave Bricker - Part 1
Episode 1711th March 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Dave Bricker discovered his love for "StorySailing” while spending 15 years living aboard sailboats. In 1983, after his first year of college, David got a job working with the Christo Surrounded Islands project. During that time, he realized something was missing in his life. After finishing college, he headed off to the Bahamas to begin his 15-year sailing adventure, which included a transatlantic sailing trip in 1991. Dave has authored 11 books, and his company, Remarkable Stories, Inc.,, teaches the art of business transformation through storytelling. 

In the first part of my conversation with Dave, we explored how story and sound intersect, as well as: 

  • How his idea of storytelling for business started
  • Heading off to the Bahamas with a small sailboat, $30, and a locker full of food and dreams
  • How storytelling ties together music, writing, speaking, graphic design, and code
  • The importance of storytelling about people, outcomes, and value instead of prices, processes, ingredients, and data
  • Speaking techniques to draw people in
  • Girls tied to railroad tracks, dream sequences, the country, and 1940s clubs (yes, you read that right! 😉)
  • Whether our response to music is learned or innate—culture or predisposition
  • Playing music with a Dutch jazz singer in the Azores
  • How improvisation ties into storytelling
  • A big mistake people make when giving professional speeches and how to avoid it
  • How professionals can improve their speaking by getting involved with Toastmasters -
  • How we as humans are hunter-gatherers at heart and are always scanning for threats

You can find more information on Dave on his website at

You can also find him on his social media channels: 

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