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How the Internet Is Changing Accounting Firm Websites
Episode 2917th January 2023 • Insights in Accounting • Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network
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It's the "Insights in Accounting" show, usually going out every Tuesday to 150 countries and 30,000 accounting practitioners, fintech specialists and influencers in the accountancy, CPA and bookkeeping space. However, in Jan 2023 we are phasing out this show and putting out this content on our sister Success in Accounting Show which hopefully you're already subscribed to.

In today's episode 29, "How the Internet Is Changing Accounting Firm Websites"

Rob Brown interviews accounting celebrity Carl Reader on what's changing for websites, social media and the internet for the accounting and fintech world. We cover:

» how the most popular websites have changed over the years and why

» how both the design and the technology have changed what makes a successful website

» whether some businesses actually now need a website based on the increase in social media

» what accounting firms can learn from the websites of SAAS and fintech vendors

» how community websites and apps are now creating new online value in place of the traditional corporate website

and much more...

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