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The Successful Mentalist - The Successful Mentalist EPISODE 11, 19th July 2020
Stage Shows | TSMP #011
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Stage Shows | TSMP #011

Have you ever dreamt of feeling the adrenaline kick as you step out on stage in front of a keen-eyed audience that is ready to be blown away by your performance?

Well, dream no more because in THIS episode of The Successful Mentalist Podcast, Aidan and Ashley will walk you through the basics on how to arrange and produce a stage/theatre show.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Aidan & Ashley's experiences with stage shows
  • Working with Venues (The Golden Rule and Dream Scenario)
  • 3 Main Types of Stage Shows (Pros/Cons)
  • How To Split Tickets
  • Working With A Team
  • The Importance of Production Value

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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