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A Success Story with Chrissy Bailey, Lab student
Episode 2326th January 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Meet Chrissy Baily, mom extraordinaire and graceful advocate for her adorable children, Juni and Johnnie.  Chrissy had talked with representatives at her local Down syndrome organization and her state’s disability rights staff but was still putting out fires advocating for her two children.  Then, her Down syndrome organization gave her a scholarship to my Special Education & Advocacy Lab. 


In just a little over 8 hours of content and the passion that lives in her soul, Chrissy empowered herself to become a more effective and efficient advocate for her children.  In fact, she was so inspired by the Lab that Chrissy is now working as a surrogate for other children in her kids’ school district that need advocates at the IEP table! 


During our chat, Chrissy said, “I was Googling, and I didn’t know the parts of the IEP, and then when COVID hit, it was like a whole new set of problems… that sparked me… ‘I need to know this stuff.’  I had attended [a few seminars] and I didn’t think I was going to need them.  I read on your website about the Lab, and I thought… ‘This will solve all my problems!’”  Listen along as you learn how Chrissy made the choice to attend the Lab and the impact it’s already having on her family and her community!s of it – that you’ll have some take aways that work in your team.  Educate.  Advocate.  Collaborate.  



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Meet My Guest: 

Chrissy Bailey lives in Worthington, OH with her partner Matt, 6 year old daughter Juniper, 3 year old son Johnnie, and their 3 legged black cat Magic. She is a former children's librarian and currently stays home full time with the kids. She loves reading, jogging, listening to podcasts, cooking, and meditating.