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Highlights from the April 2021 issue of the BJGP
Episode 2413th April 2021 • BJGP Interviews • The British Journal of General Practice
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In this episode I am joined by two of our Associate Editors, Sam Merriel and Tom Round, for some conversation. The April issue has been published and we talk over some of the highlights in this month's issue.


EDITORIAL: Remote by default general practice: must we, should we, dare we?

EDITORIAL: Helping GPs to diagnose children’s cancer

LETTER: Prostate-specific antigen testing and opportunistic prostate cancer screening — CAP intervention

RESEARCH: Diagnosing community-acquired pneumonia via a smartphone-based algorithm: a prospective cohort study in primary and acute-care consultations

RESEARCH: Estimating lung cancer risk from chest X-ray and symptoms: a prospective cohort study

LIFE & TIMES: Drugs for chronic pain: we still need them

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Book mentioned: In Control by Jane Monckton-Smith

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