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Become A Certified Email Marketing Master
Episode 2312nd May 2022 • The DigitalMarketer Podcast • Scalable Media Network
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In this episode Mark De Grasse sat down with the Co-founder of DigitalMarketer, Richard Lindner. They cover what marketers absolutely must know about the relevance of Email Marketing. In brief, email marketing is NOT dying. But, it is changing.

Email is still one of the most effective modes of communication to date. People trust the messages they get in their inboxes more than any other marketing message out there.

They discuss how email was one of the most flexible and effective ways to reach customers during the pandemic, helping businesses grow when times were tough. New marketers and business owners who want a better understanding of why they should do email marketing and how to do it right will gain valuable insights from this DigitalMarketer podcast.

In this podcast:

  • How email works at every single stage of the customer value journey.
  • The role email has in expediting customers through each stage of the customer value journey.
  • Why email marketing is still relevant to today's modern marketing landscape.
  • How to value customers' ideas when it comes to their business and how email marketing helps. 
  • How to create email content that actually provides value


Email Marketing Mastery Certification

Richard Lindner

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