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Ep. 237: Aimee J. – 2020 Am I Right?
Episode 2379th December 2020 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Today’s show is a special solo episode. Since it’s the only show for December, we are looking back at 2020, which was an unprecedented year. I feel like the year began with such promise and hope in the hearts of so many people, but it came in disrespectfully--and it seems to be heading out in much the same way. The problems of 2020 aren’t over, and we’re learning to make adjustments and accept that we are living with a new normal. Let’s spend time reflecting together!

2020--The year of the pivot

Have you found yourself making big changes in your plans and dreams for 2020? Like me, you may have begun the year with grand plans to travel, celebrate milestones, and start new endeavors. Just a few weeks into the year, we were told to stay inside and socially distance ourselves from others. Weeks turned into months, and here we are, watching 2020 on its way out. 

Masks have become a debatable issue that has somehow turned political. Businesses and schools had to pivot and change their operations in unimaginable ways. It is, indeed, the year of the pivot--and not the kind of pivot anyone expected or wanted. The economy spiraled downward as countless numbers of people lost their jobs and homes. The difficulties have been unparalleled for many families.

TWEET: 2020 is the year of the pivot, and not the kind of pivot anyone expected or wanted. #chasingdreams

People need people

Is it easy for you to admit that you need other people? Many of us like to think we can “go it alone” through life, but the truth is that we need others so much more than we might think. It’s hard to draw strength, support, encouragement from others when we’re socially distant. It seems like just maintaining our sanity has counted as success in 2020. 

All around the world, people were (and are) facing difficult situations. The key is to change our perspective, which is one of the only things we can control. Besides dealing with the pandemic, we’ve lost many iconic individuals in ways that are hard to understand, like Kobe Bryant, John Lewis, and RBG, to name just a few. 

“2020” will forever be a descriptor of hard things that aren’t easy to understand. Life became a new normal for many of us, and we didn’t invite it, expect it, or desire it.

TWEET: Changing our perspective is one of the only things we can control. #chasingdreams

Be grateful--and step out of your comfort zone!

Has 2020 caused you to take a more appreciative view of what you have? It’s important to acknowledge what you have and be grateful for those things. 2020 has forced us to take a new look at what’s really important in our lives. 

As we reflect on this difficult year, it’s important to have a spirit of gratitude for the blessings we have. I was forced to evaluate what I was doing in my life and make some changes for sustainability. This included selling some items to build efficiency and improve the processes I use for podcasting. I’ve had to step outside my comfort zone as a podcaster and learn to livestream. Staying in your comfort zone means that new and exciting things aren’t happening, so challenge yourself and step out! 

As we say goodbye to 2020, I urge you to take time to evaluate the areas of life; are you happy with how things are going? Remember, it’s never too late to make changes and do things differently.

TWEET: Staying in your comfort zone means that new and exciting things aren’t happening, so challenge yourself and step out! #chasingdreams


  • [2:00] 2020’s beginning
  • [3:55] The year of the pivot
  • [4:24] People need people
  • [6:24] The new normal
  • [8:45] My mom’s big pivot
  • [11:50] Acknowledge the things you have
  • [13:12] My life with its changes and pivots
  • [21:00] What can you change?


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I’ve learned to be seriously intentional about the things I do. #chasingdreams

The joy I’ve seen on my mom’s face is the joy I want to see on anyone’s face. #chasingdreams

Throughout 2020, we counted it a success when we simply maintained our sanity. #chasingdreams

There is no going back to “normal” because there is a new normal. #chasingdreams