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Marketing on Tap - Sensei Marketing EPISODE 25, 24th January 2019
Episode 25: The Gillette Ad - Good or Bad Idea?
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Episode 25: The Gillette Ad - Good or Bad Idea?

Unless you live on the moon, you can't have missed the new Gillette ad and the brand's accompanying campaign to rethink their "best a man can get" slogan. Picking up on the #MeToo movement, Gillette wants men to think on how they represent themselves in the world, and what it actually takes to be a "good man".

The ad invoked a swift reaction, with many praising it and the message it was trying to achieve. However, there was also hugely negative commentary, with other men heaping vitriol on Gillette, saying they'd never buy their products again.

In this week's episode of Marketing on Tap, we look at brands that take a stand when it comes to societal issues, if there can be any middle ground, and what it means for businesses (and their customers) when a definitive stance is taken.

Settle back and enjoy this week’s topic, brought to you in the usual unscripted manner that you’ve come to expect when Sam and Danny take the mic.

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