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The Tallest Players In The Sport
23rd January 2023 • Tennis: Beyond the Court • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: Tennis Beyond The Court

Episode Title: The Tallest Players of The Sport

You are listening to Tennis Beyond The Court, the podcast with your host __Bradley Deeds.

In this episode of _Tennis Beyond The Court the Podcast we discuss: The History of Junior Tournaments I have played, The tallest players in the game today and another Amazing match of the Year!

Segment 1: History:

The History of the Junior Tournaments I have played:

  • When I first started playing, I began to play 12’s level 7’s and 6’s which are what the beginners of tournaments play when they are young.
  • As I started to train more and climb in the rankings, I entered myself into some level 4’s and 5’s to test my skill and my mental toughness.
  • Once I reached the top 10 in my section, I started to play the national tournaments that were local and I did very well in them. Some I even won which boosted my game and my confidence to play the best players.
  • The best advice I would give to any junior player would be not to rush the process and one bad tournament does not determine your skill level!

Segment 2: The Tallest Players To Play Currently:

Alexander Zverev: Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, he is known as the best mover on the tour for how tall he is. He gets exceptionally low for every shot and he moves as if he was 5’11 and as if he is 20 years old. His height and his power makes his serve absolutely amazing and he is very very tough to beat when he is on point. 

  • Daniel Medvedev: Was the world number one for most of the year, he stands at 6 feet 8 inches and he is known as the octopus of the game. He moves like a bullet and he has got some of the nicest wingspan the game has seen. Him and Zverev have battles when they play and it is amazing to watch.

Segment 3: Another Amazing Match

Who - Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev

What - Vienna Semi finals

Where - Vienna, Austria

When - 2022, June

How - Both of these guys beat 4 guys to make the semi finals and they both had a very hard draw to reach this point. At this time, Alcaraz soared in the rankings and was playing phenomenal. Zverev had the experience edge of course, but that never means a thing when you play Alcaraz. Zverev was the number one seed in this tournament, but many people expected Alcaraz to pull the upset off. Zverev won the first set in fine form and ending up beating Alcaraz in straight sets to clinch a huge win for himself and the world!