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Ep 126: Your Complete Guide to Protein: How Much to Eat, Best Sources and Best Practices
Episode 1263rd July 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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With nutrition accounting for around 80% of your results, it’s probably a good idea to understand the ins and outs of a healthy, sustainable diet that is appropriate for you and your goals. And one of the most important (and a lot of the time confusing) pieces to the puzzle is protein. How much protein should you actually be eating? What sources of protein should you be including in your diet?

Since the topic of protein tends to bring a lot of confusion to the table, I wanted to have on the phenomenal Erin Murray to talk all things protein and get all of your protein-related questions answered, so that there’s zero confusion around this incredibly crucial macronutrient. Listen in to learn how much protein and what types of protein you should be eating so that you can build healthy, lean muscle along with other key physiologic variables.

What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [05:04] Common misinformation behind protein
  • [08:45] The difference between a population with a disease/illness versus a healthy population
  • [12:12] How much protein you should be eating
  • [13:46] Easy ways to get in protein without having that “full” feeling
  • [16:50] Protein powder recommendations
  • [20:00] What is a complete source protein
  • [22:55] A protein shopping list
  • [26:20] The importance of food packaging
  • [28:12] Vegan/vegetarian protein sources
  • [31:25] Where beans fit into the protein food group
  • [35:12] Where red meat fits into the protein food group
  • [38:30] An important book in this realm, Sacred Cow
  • [39:45] The meaning behind regenerative management


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