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112. Hannah Andrews: "Cue The Sun", "What She Left Me When She Left Me" and "Tethered"
21st March 2023 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Hannah Andrews is a U.S. domestic adoptee, born in Chicago during the Baby Scoop Era, raised on a farm in central Illinois. After semi-retiring she moved to San Diego and started writing again ( a lifelong love) but, definitely not about adoption. Hannah mostly ignored all things adoption until 2018 when she met a birthmother and author at a Writers Conference in San Diego. Everything changed in that moment. She began searching, found that not only had she moved at one time within 2 blocks of her birth mom in Venice Beach, CA, but that she had died a decade earlier (months before Illinois changed its OBC law though she didn't know the law had even changed until years later). Hannah also began reading and consuming all things related to adoption, especially adoptee and first mother authored memoirs. Now, that is all she writes, and attend CUB (Concerned Birthparents) and AKA (Adoption Knowledge Affiliates) adoptee support groups and serve on the board of AKA as well.

Hannah is an advocate for open records, and supports a push for a national apology to the Baby Scoop generation as well as more transparency in the industry across the board. 


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