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Build A Facebook Group To Build Your Email List With Arne Giske From Group Funnels
Episode 582nd December 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Our latest guest, Arne Giske is an absolute master of community and conversion, growing a Facebook group of his to over 80k people and making 7-figures along the way.

We’ve always believed that building a community and email marketing go hand in hand, so we just had to get Arne on the show to help show you how to use your own Facebook groups to grow your email list and turn them into those all-important $$$$ we’re all aiming for.

FYI, if you already have a Facebook group and you realise half-way through that you haven’t been following any of Arne’s advice, don’t panic…it’s not the end of the world and we’ll explain why during the episode.

Build a Facebook Group to Build Your Email List with Arne Giske from Group Funnels

Episode Content

  • (02:41) It’s two lies and a truth time and these ones are bloody tough.
  • (04:11) The importance of building communities….is it really that important?
  • (05:30) So…why Facebook groups? What’s so special about this platform?
  • (06:20) The main advantages of using Facebook groups….we couldn’t agree with Arne more.
  • (08:18) This by far is our favourite benefit to having your own group. 
  • (9:29) OK, so this is all great, but…how do you actually get your audience from your group to your email list?
  • (11:22) You may have noticed other groups doing this, and if you’re not doing it yet, go and change it right now!
  • (12:44) Find out what we recently tested that significantly increased our conversion rate on how many people gave us their email.
  • (13:51) What are active and passive types of opt ins and more importantly, which ones should you choose?
  • (15:54) Arne’s 20% rule will keep you right.
  • (17:15) Should you post your offers in your group or is that too much ? 
  • (20:01) OK, but what if you already have a group and you’ve done none of the above?
  • (22:33) Arne discusses another amazing benefit to Facebook groups. We’re going to use this more!
  • (23:20) This week’s subject line pissed a lot of people off…we love it.

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