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Which SoulsBorne Games Should Beginners Play First Ft. Harv Parmar
27th July 2023 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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Which SoulsBorne Games Should Beginners Play First Ft. Harv Parmar

This episode of the Single Player Experience is dedicated to a question from a listener. Souls Newbie wrote in just like you can at The ProNerd and the Single Player Experience Discord and asked "If you've never played a Souls game which souls game should a newbie check out first." Our host Sebastion loved the question and reached out to Soulsborne Expert, Harv Parmar to be a special guest on this episode. Harv has beaten all the Souls games, streams them often and has beaten some of the games without dying once. In this episode Sebastion and Harv talk about which souls games you should play if your trying to get into the genre, which ones would make the best movies, and how Harv beat Seikro in an Hour. We've got all this and more on this episode of The Single Player Experience Podcast!

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