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Five Big Lessons I’ve Learned in 100 Episodes
Episode 1009th August 2022 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Happy 100th Episode, ABC friends!!!  If we were in a school, we’d likely be dressing as 100-year-olds, complete with walkers and bushy eyebrows!  In today’s milestone episode, I’m sharing with you 5 lessons that I’ve learned over the last two years as we’ve shared experiences here at Ashley Barlow Co and on the podcast.  I share the story of how ABCo was conceptualized (during a riveting viewing of Frozen 2), take you on the journey of how we developed our two video training courses, and talk to you about five big lessons I’ve learned along this amazing journey!  Thank you to being a part of our success and our community.  Here’s to hundreds more!!!  By the way, I’ve decided that I want a glittery walker, and could somebody please tell me when my eyebrows get bushy?!!!