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Episode 6111th May 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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This episode is an interview with Delee Cox, the stylist next door. She has a passion for slow fashion. She helps women with their wardrobe, to dress how they like, to dress for themselves, and to be more conscientious about what they bring into their closets. 

We jump right into definitions and background information. Slow fashion is a mindset shift. It’s about being aware and intentional on where our clothes come from and where they go when we discard them. Delee drops some mind blowing facts on us about fast fashion and the energy we are working with when we consume clothes and products in this way. 

To be more intentional, the best place to start is right where you are. Delee will help you shop your closet. Some of the ways she helps you curate the look you are going for is by identifying what you are currently wearing, what you LIKE to wear, what is your lifestyle, make a need to style pile, and make a shopping list. She talks to us about how shopping with a list makes a big difference, because you know what you are looking for rather than being sold to. 

Your personal style really impacts so many facets of your life. We talk about weight fluctuations, our tendency to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, our desire to fit in and how we can make our clothes fit us, shopping second hand, as well as shopping with our values. 

Delee knows her stuff. It was so fun and impactful having a conversation with her. If you would like to connect with Delee (we don’t blame you!) you can get in touch with her through her website: or check her out on the ‘gram! @thestylistnextdoor_ut

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