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A Fresh Look at the Podcasting Industry - What to Expect
Trailer4th March 2024 • In & Around Podcasting • Mark Asquith, Danny Brown & Friends
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We love podcast industry podcasts - there are a lot of them and they're run by smart, passionate people who live and breathe podcasting and who are usually industry professionals.

Sometimes though, they don't give the day-to-day enthusiast, creator or indie podcaster a platform to have their say, often taking "the view from the top" as delivered by the "podcasting professionals".

In & Around Podcasting has been designed to respect and live alongside those shows and to be an accessible, inclusive podcast for every single podcaster; a show that allows everyone with an interest in the medium to have a fair, open and transparent view on the podcasting industry and how it affects them - this is your place to be heard.

The podcasting industry belongs to us all, not just the elite and it doesn't matter how long you've been in the industry, your voice is valuable.

In & Around Podcasting is a podcast industry podcast brought to you by Mark Asquith and Danny Brown.

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Tired of podcast industry podcasts making you feel like you're on the outside? As an indie podcaster or podcast enthusiast, it's time you had your say. Welcome to in and around.

Mark Asquith:

Cut. Hey, mate, quick question. What's that music all about? I use that for everything. Come on, we talked about this. If we're going to do an industry show, we've got to do it right.


Okay, what about this? Tired of podcast industry podcasts making you feel like you're on the outside?

Mark Asquith:

Seriously, come on. You sound like a podcast intro from 2011. What? Okay, be honest. Did you even read the brief? You know what? Just. Let's just leave that. Just leave, please. I'll do this. I'll do it. Well, at least that wasn't awkward. Now, where did I put that entire 72 piece band? Oh, there you are. Two, three, four. It's not just for the geeks and OGs, this show's for those in and around podcasting.

Mark Asquith:

Are you tired of podcast industry podcasts making you feel like you're on the outside? Welcome to In & Around Podcasting, the inclusive podcast industry show where experts and industry insiders collaborate with real life podcast enthusiasts to highlight powerful podcasting perspectives. I'm Mark Asquith, and you know I love podcasting. But most industry podcasts are run by insiders with so much experience that at times, their perspectives can feel a little jaded. And the view from the top? Well, it doesn't always help. Podcasting belongs to all of us. So wouldn't it be refreshing to hear how developments in the industry really affect your show and to have a place where every opinion is valuable? I'm on a mission to make the podcast industry more accessible and to facilitate conversations that help all podcasters, regardless of experience or background. Because podcasting is not just for the geeks and the OGs. And this show is for everyone in and around podcasting. Join me and a wonderful range of industry insiders and podcast enthusiast co-hosts every Tuesday and listen for free in your podcast app of choice. And remember, if you know anyone who might enjoy the show, send them to


I could have done that, you know.

Mark Asquith:

I know. I know you could.



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