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Ep. 6. Jolly Green Crime
Episode 618th August 2020 • Jolly Green Scientists • Erfan Vafaie
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We often associated federal crimes with illegal drugs, guns or human trafficking, but rarely do we consider that selling plants and insects can be illegal, especially if imported without a permit. In this episode, we discuss two popular science articles that discuss federal investigations into plant and insect smugglers.

Full articles:

Jani Actman (2019). Demand for exotic pets and collectors' items drives a flourishing illegal trade in beetles, spiders, and more. National Geographic: Wildlife Watch.

Rob Walker (2020). Texas's cactus cops battle to save rare desert beauty from smuggling gangs. The Guardian.

John MacCormack (2020). Smugglers sold thousands of protected "living rock" cacti, found only in the Big Bend. San Antonio Express News.