#96 Rethink Leadership with Deepa
Episode 9621st December 2020 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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Did you know that most people fail at making change in their life? Even when told that the change will save their life, a majority of people still do not effectively make the change they want. So how does effective and sustainable change happen? What do we need to pay attention to in order to make the change and have it stick? Listen as I dive into how we all need to rethink leadership.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Don’t fall into the common mistake of thinking you can make change just by setting up a task list to get it done. 
  • Making change is about you! Sit with yourself and figure out what your personality is telling you about how you can effectively make change
  • Highly driven people are action-biased, a perfectionist, a problem solver, self-sufficient or future-focused.
  • Oftentimes, we repeat our patterns of success. What trait has helped you achieve success in your life so far?
  • Now, It’s time to look at what the negative effects are of these traits. Because we repeat these patterns of success, we often overuse the trait. This leads to negative effects. So, if you are so focused on everything being perfect, what have you lost? If you are always looking at the future, what are you missing in the present? These are some good reflection questions to ask yourself as we close out the year.
  • Complexity asks us to slow down to sense what’s happening while speeding up to test quickly. 
  • If mindset and personality were the biggest factors in thriving in complex times, which one of the opposing traits do you need the most? Stillness, cyclic nature, more presence, more co-creation, or more co-responsibility? Take some time to think and journal about what you are looking for more of in 2021.
  • Would you like a thought partner with you on this reflection? Book a strategy call with me and we can walk through what traits are making you successful and what they may be holding you back from. Book a call with me here!

If this episode piqued your interest about how you can rethink leadership and make sustainable change in your life, please come watch my masterclass! You can find it here.

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