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Minimum Viable Offers – No More, No Less - Wednesday Workshop #3
4th February 2021 • Micro Success Secrets • Tad Stephens
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00:00:55 Why that has worked for me

00:02:01 Minimum Viable offer rule of thumb

00:02:51 Being a perfectionist is a hindrance

00:04:19 80% and out the door

00:06:24 Always start with an offer first

00:06:42 3 basic principles

00:08:45 Reduces risk

00:09:47 They show up, They do the work

With all the complexity we face today how can we deliver the most value to our clients for the least money and effort and at the quality we and they desire? 

How to overcome analysis paralysis, the complexity monster, and end up where you always wanted to in your business as well as making the money you deserve.