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E208: How Buffer Grows Plus Some Emerging Content Marketing Trends With Kevan Lee
24th July 2018 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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Kevan Lee is the director of marketing at Buffer, the social media management tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. Through his content, he shares everything he knows about startup marketing, management, and leadership.

Quotes To Remember:

“It’s not an evergreen article if it might not be relevant a year from now.”

“Doing content well takes a lot of focus. It takes lot of time and energy to really sit down and write something that will stand out and will be useful to people.”

“If you’re putting out great content, the audience will come.”

“It’s worth it but it might take a while to get there.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Does Buffer Works
  • The Netflix Method to Content Marketing
  • Getting Into a Habit of Creating Content Everyday


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