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Rebuilding Trust When It Has Been Broken
Episode 5320th July 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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How do we begin to heal, restore and rebuild trust after it’s been broken?

Perhaps there's been an affair, emotional or physical cheating, or trust has been broken in other ways:  confidentiality was broken, financial mistakes swept under the rug, lack of follow through on empty promises. Lots of words and no action to back it up.

Nothing feels more painful, confusing and disheartening at the moment.

Anytime we enter into an agreement with someone,  it often comes with a whole set of unspoken expectations and hopes of how things are going to be, and when they don’t go according to plan, we become shattered. Regardless of our story, we know that if we don't honor and heal the pain of the past, those wounds will remain open and we will inevitably end repeating those patterns over and over again. 

In today’s episode I am breaking it down into two sections:

Part one is for the person that broke the trust

  • What does Radial Ownership look and sound like?
  • No More Hiding - Overcoming the Shame within
  • The Power of an Open Book
  • Creating a Safe Environment

Part two is for the person who has been betrayed. 

  • Permission to feel it all + not bypassing this stage
  • Asking Questions that help move things forward
  • Creating Safety and Communicating Needs

We are diving into some practical steps you can take today to HEAL + REBUILD Trust so you can begin to move forward again.

This conversation is rooted in my own life experience of cycling through  decades of betrayal /mistrust and finally entering into a place of safety inside relationships , as well as many client case studies.  I trust today's episode will help you move forward and grow into deeper connection with both yourself and others.



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