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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 18th December 2015
Learn Networking and Relationship Tips From Beextraordinary.tv’s Jason Treu
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Learn Networking and Relationship Tips From Beextraordinary.tv’s Jason Treu

Jason Treu

Listen in for some of the best networking and relationship tips for every personality type from introvert to extrovert and everything in between


Jason Treu came from a background of working in corporate America as a marketing executive, the perks of the job for him were travelling on the road with big company CEO’s, high ranking executives and communicating with media, business analysts and clients. He found that sitting in the office was the hardest part of the job and found himself disillusioned, unmotivated and unproductive. With the idea in mind that he didn’t want to do this job forever he set out to pave himself a new career. Jason began giving advice to friends on many life aspects including relationship, networking and communication and how to create a life that they loved. After a few hurdles Jason has successfully created his own business helping people nurture key relationships to maximise their business.


Jason enjoys talking to well known people who, much like everyone else, faces challenges in their life and needs strategies to overcome them. After coming up with an idea to write a book, he saw it necessary to immerse himself in other’s lives, in order to fill the pages of that book. He has now published the book “Social Wealth” and is well on his way to writing his second book utilising the invaluable knowledge and insight he gained from others’ lives.


What are the types of interesting people you have met along the way?


I have met and spoken to a woman who revolutionised PTSD in the military, a lawyer who started their own interior design business, a socialite in New York City and various people who do martial arts based on European military strategies.


What is your advice for a woman entrepreneur to take the plunge from her full time job to making her side hobby her career?


Of course the primary thing is you have to be making money from what you’re doing. You want a solid business and not just something in your head. You want to experiment for a descent amount of time with paying clients. The key is passion about your business idea. You have to have supportive people around you.


What are your top networking tips for entrepreneurs?


You really need to tap into people emotionally in a conversation in order to build rapport, likability and trust because these are the three must-haves when you first meet someone in order to move that relationship further.



Lightning Round


What trophy would you want on your mantle?


I would want a trophy that actually sits on my client’s mantles that tell them how wonderful and amazing that they are. That’s what inspires me the most.


What is your guilty Pleasure?


I love watching Dallas Cowboys go to game and spending time with my Jack Russell Terrier who is sleeping two feet away from me on his bed. 


What are you currently reading?


I will be reading “Rising Strong” by Bernie Brown which is about to hit the bookshelf.


What is your productivity hack?


Wake up every day and tell yourself “This is going to be another amazing day as usual” because that puts you in the mindset to expect great things to happen. Then do a gratitude list and do three things that you’re grateful for and it will open up the world for you. You will see abundance in your life. Start the day off by getting your mind moving by reading a book, exercise, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, whatever it takes for you to kickstart your day in a positive way.


What is your personal motto?


Be courageous, be daring in your life”. That to me helps me because momentum and motivation in life is found through taking action.


What would you do differently, if you were given another chance?


I would have started this business a long, long time ago because I love it and it’s me! It taps into my purpose.


Best way to reach Jason:


Website: www.beextraordinary.tv

FB: www.facebook.com/BeExtraordinaryNow/

Twitter: jasontreu

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jasontreu