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BN 5: Innovator: From Iron Man to the Indian Black Panther to the X-Fellows with Kunal Sood
Episode 59th July 2020 • The Boldly Now Show • Now
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Kunal takes us on a journey from bullying victim to the bully of the bullies to guardian of all showing us how our traumas can forge us into becoming Iron Man ready to heal the world.  His story asks us how we can transform ourselves to transform the world.  

Kunal Sood is an internationally renowned social entrepreneur, impact investor, and curator of the future, who has made transforming the world his life’s purpose by helping positively impact the lives of a billion people by the year 2030. Sood is the Founder of X Fellows, X Summit, and X Impact Group. He is focused on positively disrupting the human experience by creating a league of extraordinary citizens and experiences that make the impossible possible on Earth.