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Coffee and Converse - Diane Mayor EPISODE 62, 1st April 2021
How To Use Relationship Marketing With Zoe Pollard
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How To Use Relationship Marketing With Zoe Pollard

We seem to have socially distanced ourselves from our marketing. What if we went back to basics and built relationships instead?

Zoe Pollard walks you through how to use relationship marketing with affiliates, referrals, and JV's (joint ventures) for your business.

Key Takeaway

This is the oldest form of marketing that never goes out of style, works for everyone, and is platform agnostic.

We talk about

  • The differences between referrals, affiliates and JVs
  • Why it beats the other marketing tactics like social or content
  • How to find your first or next affiliates or referrers and what to say
  • What works and what doesn’t in affiliate programs
  • How to make it work for you even if you’re an introvert (or exhausted extrovert)


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