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Cory Underwood on Browser Tracking Protections & App Tracking Transparency
Episode 322nd March 2022 • Life after GDPR • Rick Dronkers
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Life after GDPR - Ep. 3 - Cory Underwood on Browser Tracking Protections & App Tracking Transparency

In this episode, I interview Cory Underwood, one of the leading experts when it comes to browser techniques like Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention and it's impact on digital marketing and analytics.

Cory is an Analytics Engineer at Search Discovery and very active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and MeasureSlack where he shares his knowledge on these topics. You should also follow his blog for regular updates on these topics.

In this episode we discuss:

  • We’ll cover the basics of browser technology like Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  • The changes that Google has announced for Google Chrome.
  • The impact of Apples Tracking Transparency on iOS Tracking for Advertisers
  • The importance of a first-party data strategy for advertisers that want to stay successful going forward

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-Rick Dronkers



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