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Ep 28: How to Master Energy Protection using Sound Therapy & Reiki w/Jasmine Golden
Episode 2814th February 2024 • Joyfully Black • Joy Dixon Paul
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In this very special episode, we are joined by Jasmine Golden, a Reiki healer and sound bath practitioner, who's here to enlighten us on the transformative powers of these ancient practices. We'll explore the mysterious and beautiful world of energy healing and sound therapy, uncovering how they can help us find balance, peace, and a deeper connection to ourselves. 

Whether you're familiar with Reiki and sound baths or hearing about them for the first time, today's episode promises to be a journey of discovery, protecting your energy, and healing.

What to Listen For:

  • What chakras are and which colors enhance them
  • How to get yourself energetically back into alignment
  • How she transitioned from being an empath to practicing empathy
  • Finding the type of meditation that works for you
  • How to safely release challenging energy
  • Navigating the opinions of loved ones on her spiritual journey
  • How to create spaces for protecting your energy

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