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Rafaël Rozendaal - Generative artist series 2/6 - Net Art OG turns to NFT generative Art
Episode 1319th August 2021 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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This is an 6 episode series on generative artists who we found interesting. 6 artists in total who we found contributes something unique in the current generative art landscape, they span different blockchains/platforms/aesthetics/personal histories.

Episode Notes;

  • Rafaël's Artblocks drop was the first one where Artblocks moved from a gas war drop to a dutch auction drop.
  • Kizu talks about Rafaël's net art OG status and what he talked about in interviews way back.
  • Sabretooth talks about the trend of net art OGs coming to NFTs including the genesis episode John Karel
  • Comparing the visuals of Endless Nameless to Tyler Hobbs Fidenza drop and how it's not a classically generative art aesthetic.

Rafaël Rozendaal's Endless Nameless Arblocks series;[stringTraits][0][name]=Endless%20Nameless&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=All%20Endless%20Nameless

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