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Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner - Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner EPISODE 10, 16th March 2017
Keys to Unlock Employee Loyalty
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Keys to Unlock Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty is essential to employee retention and high performance.

But as a business owner, how do earn that loyalty in today’s marketplace when employee job hopping seems like the norm?

Today’s guest, Scott Love, author of Why They Follow: How to Lead With Positive Influence, has the answer.


  • Why employee loyalty is more powerful than employee engagement. 
  • The 3 “IT” factors of employee loyalty that cause employees turn down more lucrative job offers.
  • What leaders need to figure out before they can earn employee loyalty.
  • How trust factors into the employee loyalty equation.
  • How to become the boss no one wants to leave.
  • The employee loyalty response ratio and why it matters.
  • And MUCH more.


Scott Love shows managers how to be the boss nobody will leave. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, he is a professional recruiter. He’s worked with corporate CEO’s, executives, and international law firm leaders in nearly every major city in the country to help find the best talent that usually isn’t “looking.” As a result, he knows firsthand why people want to leave and why they don’t. 

So yes, he HAS figured out the recipe to the secret sauce of employee loyalty and retention. And knows how to show business leaders how to be the boss nobody will leave so they can not only improve employee retention but also attract high achievers.

Best of all, Scott has bottled that recipe in an amazing book called Why They Follow: How to Lead With Positive Influence. 

In addition to being a published author and professional recruiter, Scott is a professional keynote speaker who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Selling Power Magazine, and dozens of business trade journals and newspapers around the world. 

Scott is also a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. 


Contact Scott and connect with him Facebook, and Twitter.


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