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Episode 1015th December 2023 • Higher Education, Higher Purpose • NACCAP
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NACCAP: 2023 in Review

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, we speak with Tami Peterson, former teacher, counselor, administrator, and director of college advising. With decades of experience in the field of education, Tami is the founder and CEO of Life Architects Coaching, where she provides coaching services to Christian secondary schools, universities, and working professionals. She shares her passion for vocational discipleship, helping young people discover their calling, and equipping them for their God-given purpose. Listen as we explore college admissions, career paths, and vocational discipleship.

“An area that has surprised me in the work that I'm doing is that it's important for adults not to believe that they are one and done, or that they have arrived. They are continuing to learn and I think that that's part of authenticity. We don't have it all together, even though we have it more together than we did when we were 17. If we are still growing and learning about God and his world, we're changing every day ourselves and we're growing into who God really is and who he has created us to be.  We have to continue to do the deep work.” -Tami Peterson [13:21]

What You Will Learn:

[00:30] Intro

[04:58] Tami's experience in the field of education

[12:59] Discernment and Authenticity 

[16:12] What type of community do you want to be a part of?

[21:21] Seeking and saving that which is lost 

[27:10] Helping students find their path 

[29:26] Contact Tami


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