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TWP 009: Guest Jess Lundstrom
Episode 97th May 2018 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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Welcome to The We Podcast! This week I get to interview Jess Lundstrom. We met a couple of months ago and hit if off immediately. Jess is an Introvert, mom, wife, and entrepreneur. She’s passionate about fitness, family, and dessert! She is working on getting out of her comfort zone, finding her voice, and learning to enjoy the journey God has set before her. We have a real conversation about her story, and the challenges she’s overcome such as family illness, death, divorce, and limiting beliefs. We also chat about being an introverted entraurenuer and personality types. The best part is we have ton of fun and share lots of laughs! Jess understand the importance of authenticity and vulnerability and shares in a way that really allows us to be a part of her world.  It was such a joy to have her as my guest!

Be sure to connect with Jess on her blog at, Facebook (, or on Instagram (@just_fitjess, @cardmyyardgreeley, @mrs.lundstrom). I really love her blog and the insight and authenticity she shares there as well!

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