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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 16, 4th December 2020
The Great Conjunction (part 1)

The Great Conjunction (part 1)

Spiritual Legacy in the Aquarian Age vis-à-vis Jupiter and Saturn

It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ 

--Nelson Mandela

We are in the midst of a social consciousness awakening. Support the arts as if your life depends on it (because it does). 

Crown thyself on this Solar Eclipse and walk into this Great Conjunction with that crown upon your head, as the crafter and the architect of your destiny.

The party of the Aquarian Age is coming.

We came for these times.

So live like it.

Allow your life to be a conversation with the Divine.


Current astrology 09:14

The Great Conjunction 30:50

Solar Eclipse Ceremony 64:15

Meditation to prepare for the Great Conjunction 75:22

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