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The Power of Personal Discipline
13th November 2017 • Set Apart Podcast • Leslie Ludy
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If the title of this episode makes you shrink back from pressing play – just wait! Personal discipline doesn’t have to invoke the same emotions as a visit to the dentist. Rather, when enabled by the grace of God, godly discipline brings life, not misery and freedom, not bondage that is indispensable to our lives as Christian women. Give it a try, and hear how Leslie is learning to make every facet of her lifestyle reflect and worship Jesus Christ. You will be inspired and equipped to take your first steps beginning today!

In This Episode Leslie Shares:

  • The difference between godly discipline and legalism. (No, they’re not the same thing!)
  • How to keep up with godly priorities when you’re in especially busy or crisis seasons of your life.
  • Easy to implement systems that will help you realign your priorities to get in step with God’s heart for your life.
  • Three practicals that will get you moving in the right direction towards reordering your spiritual and daily lifestyle.