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Our Regenerative Future - Pure Advantage EPISODE 1, 1st September 2021
Ep. 13 The Pure Advantages of Native Forests
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Ep. 13 The Pure Advantages of Native Forests

The Pure Advantages of Native Forests: Why our Forests matter so much for us and for the World

In this first episode of Season Two, host Vincent Heeringa of This Climate Business introduces the big themes of the O Tātou Ngāhere programme with Professor Warwick Silvester of Tānes Tree Trust, Sheridan Ashford of Future Foresters and Ramona Radford of government research institute Scion.

The discussion unpacks the current state of NZ’s native forests and the major issues and opportunities forests face around climate change, biodiversity, water quality, economic, spiritual, and cultural importance for all New Zealanders.

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