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61. Making the Choice to be Kid-Free & Having Agency Over Your Body | with Emma Criswell
Episode 617th December 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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We’ve talked a lot about pregnancy and fertility on this podcast before, but there’s a whole segment out there that doesn’t get discussed as much: The child-free-by-choice women. Emma Criswell knew from a very young age that she did not want to have children. She’s a marketing executive out of Columbus, Ohio, but she spent her 20’s in New York City advocating for agency over her body and making her own decisions. After nine doctors and 14 years, she was finally able to get the elective sterilization surgery. This is a serious decision but one that is within a woman’s right to make, and often women are not given the agency over their bodies to make these decisions without doctors pushing back. Emma’s story is sure to resonate with those of you that feel unheard and, regardless of your stance, you’re sure to get some important takeaways.

We Chat About:

  • Making the decision to not have kids
  • The right to have agency over your body
  • Finding a doctor who will give you what you want
  • The insensitivity of expecting women to have kids
  • Fighting for your bodily autonomy
  • Hormone results after elective sterilization

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