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Homesteading on One Acre with Natalie Green
Episode 1725th January 2024 • Barnyard Language • Caite Palmer and Arlene Hunter
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In this conversation, Natalie Green shares her experiences and journey in farming and homesteading. She discusses the crops and animals she grows, the size of her land, and her approach to food preparation and acceptance. Natalie also talks about how she got started in farming, the importance of sharing failures, and her transition from teaching to farming. The conversation concludes with a discussion on consumer preferences.


  • Natalie Green grows a variety of crops and raises animals on her farm.
  • She emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency and only consuming food that she has grown herself.
  • Natalie shares her failures openly and believes in the importance of vulnerability and learning from mistakes.
  • She made the decision to transition from teaching to farming and is currently making a living from her one-acre farm.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 01:06 Summer Crops and Animals
  • 02:35 Size of Land
  • 06:02 Food Preparation and Acceptance
  • 10:04 Getting Started
  • 13:20 Sharing Failures
  • 20:08 Transition from Teaching to Farming
  • 27:10 Consumer Preferences

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