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Art Dares and Community Care: Erich Lehman's Journey with 1975 Gallery and Wall Therapy
Episode 165th June 2024 • Behind the Studio Door • Molly Darling & Christian Rivera
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In this episode of Behind the Studio Door, hosts Molly Darling and Christian Rivera, along with producer Chris Lindstrom, welcome Erich Lehman, the curator behind Rochester’s 1975 Gallery and the driving force behind Wall Therapy. Erich shares the journey of founding the 1975 Gallery, a space that has significantly shaped the city's cultural landscape. From its beginnings as a dare to its evolution into a cornerstone of Rochester's art scene, Eric’s story is one of passion, community, and relentless dedication. He also delves into the origins of Wall Therapy, an initiative that brings large-scale public art to the city, fostering both artistic expression and community healing. Tune in to hear Erich’s insights on the intersections of art, community, and the power of daring to pursue your dreams.

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